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There are a lot of reasons people go into real estate. Some do it for the money, some for the thrill of seeing one’s face on a bus bench, some for the comedy of seeing creative graffiti scrawled on one’s face on a bus bench. Some get into real estate for the ever-appealing “flexible lifestyle” (those people are going to have some serious regrets in the morning).

We work in real estate because we freaking love helping people find their places in the world. We love LA’s unique neighborhoods and every little quirk that makes them feel like home. We love LA’s intriguing mishmash of architecture, where Craftsman bungalows and geodesic domes can lovingly coexist side by side. We love educating, and knowing that our clients walk away with a total understanding of how the game is played and a confidence in their decisions. We love making people happy: getting people top dollar for their homes or finding them the deal of a lifetime, while having a great time doing it. We love being able to partner with our clients to meaningfully give back to our community and our world. Oh, and we love blogging. (We’re a company of writers and artists, after all.)

Welcome to our new website and blog, where we’ll be posting market updates, neighborhood spotlights, local events, reviews, useful information for home buyers and sellers, slices of our frenetic lives–whatever comes to mind. If we ever buy a bus bench ad, you will see photos of the inevitable lewd graffiti here first.

Lexi Newman, Inc

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