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Lexi Newman
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Principal Agent / Boss Lady

DRE #01967405
NAR®-Designated Green Specialist

A fourth-generation Los Angeleno, Lexi graduated cum laude from Yale University with a degree in English literature.

Lexi spent several years touring the world as a professional musician before developing an interest in the overlap between art/design and business. In 2012, she quit her job as a junior executive at a music tech startup and bought her first property: a home and rental unit in Mt. Washington. She quickly fell head-over-heels in love with the real estate world and the freedom that owning property could bring to friends and soon-to-be-friends.

Lexi is a futurist with a keen eye for possibility and the next big thing. She sleeps with one eye on the housing market, and can help investors identify neighborhoods and trends about to hit. A certificated graduate of the Interior Design Institute, she loves helping clients enhance property value through simple DIY projects and design tweaks (or, in some cases, major renovation overhauls). Her work ethic and determination have been described as “obsessive and inhuman,”* and she has been known to literally bleed for her clients (number of floors she has fallen through on an inspection day: 1 so far).

In her off-time (ha!), Lexi is either hiking a mountain somewhere (Kilimanjaro is her biggest so far), competing in her adult dodgeball league, playing one of her many musical instruments (probably the theremin), or ailing from some absurdly unlikely injury.

*Lexi’s mother, 2016

Sidneyann Binion


Buyer’s Agent

DRE #02040693

Born raised in Texas, Sydneyann holds multiple degrees with emphases in linguistics, theology, and international development and urban studies.

Before her realtor (and future boss!) Lexi helped her purchase her dream home—a Craftsman duplex in sunny Pasadena—Syd traveled the world doing non-profit work, spending much of her time in East Central Africa and Latin America. Syd’s home purchase led to a fascination with the wily world of real estate in Los Angeles, and she couldn’t resist jumping into the action with Lexi!

Syd’s a longtime lover of cities, and was excited to learn the nitty gritty of the LA housing market from her boss lady. She remembers vividly the mountains of paperwork involved in buying her own home, and she especially loves helping clients feel informed and empowered throughout the escrow process.

When Syd’s not helping buyers win their dream homes, you can find her teaching yoga, brushing up on her Kirundi language skills, writing poetry, eating ice cream in the bathtub, and walking her one-eyed, hairless rescue dog, Hunky Dory!

Marta Rodríguez


Project Manager

DRE #02091686

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Marta holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work specializing in cognitive pathologies like Alzheimer’s Disease.

After years of working in hospitals and seeing patients struggle to find the right health resources, Marta decided to start her own company to tackle the problem head-on. But life had other plans for her, and in 2017, after her husband was offered a job at JPL, the two of them decided to pick up and move from Madrid to Pasadena.

Out of her comfort zone but eager to give back to her new community, Marta started actively helping other international families at JPL settle into their new environment. That got her thinking about the importance of finding the perfect fit–not just a house, but a place that truly feels like home.

Motivated by this thought, she reached out to Lexi. After a coffee and some real estate talk, she was completely hooked! In less than a year, Marta got her real estate license, bought a fixer-upper property (through Lexi and Syd, duh!), added an ADU/rental unit, and earned the title of “The Stucco Girl” by taking on part of the renovation work herself. As part of the team, Marta brings to the table invaluable hands-on knowledge of home rehabbing and the real estate investment process that she’s eager to share with buyers, sellers, and other investors alike.

When she’s not out with the team, Marta enjoys putting on her tool belt and continuing work on her home improvement projects. She’s got her eye out for her next distressed property in need of some love!

Your real estate soulmates for life

LNRE is a boutique team for Los Angelenos looking for a more personal and creative approach to real estate. We thrive on the diversity, history, and energy of LA’s Eastside neighborhoods. We keep our client roster small so we can keep it like family.

We believe that your trust should be earned through consistently excellent work.  We believe that a great real estate experience is about more than just winning; we have a proven track record of success but also a reputation for integrity, honesty, and fairness at every turn. And we strongly believe in the necessity of a good sense of humor–the real estate process can be stressful, but we aim to help you have as much fun as possible on this crazy ride. Because it can be crazy.

We’re a team of real people completely dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ real estate experiences are nothing short of fantastic.

LNRE was hand-selected by management at Compass (formerly Pacific Union International) to be a flagship team at their brand new Highland Park office, located on the second floor of the historic Frank’s Camera building on Figueroa Blvd. In partnering with Compass, LNRE is able to offer home buyers and sellers access to the resources of a high-end luxury real estate brokerage (hello big data!) without sacrificing the hyper-local expertise and quirky flavor of diehard Eastsiders.

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