ONE TWO-HOUR SHOWING. NINE OFFERS. BUYER BEAT OUT MULTIPLE ALL-CASH OFFERS TO WIN THE HOUSE WITH ONLY 5% DOWN! "What is there to say about Lexi Newman. Hm. Okay well let's start off with the obvious - she got me a house after one month of looking. Oh, and there's the fact that she made my first-time home buying experience an absolute delight - dare I say painless and exceptional? Walked me through everything step by step and went above and beyond to make sure that it was a no-stress transaction? Truly had my best interest at heart and wasn't afraid to go to bat for me? Or perhaps the fact that she is probably one of the most knowledgeable people I've spoken to with regards to anything having to do with a house or any property. I don't think I would have had this same experience with someone else - I'm actually certain of that. I happened upon her by chance and boy do I feel lucky to have had her on my team. Thank you so much Lexi and Syd for essentially slaying the game with both hands tied behind your back. (World, hire them. You'd be insane not to. Seriously.)"
Lexi Newman, Inc

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5715 N. Figueroa St. #200, LA, CA 90042