FIRST-TIME BUYER ROLLS WITH THE CRAZINESS, GETS DEAL OF THE CENTURY "I had been looking for about six months, first on my own and then with another broker. When an acquaintance referred me to Lexi, I was at first nervous that my budget would be too low, as I know she does a lot of work in the areas that I was priced out of (I think of you fondly, Silver Lake). I could not be more wrong. I agreed to work with Lexi, and it was the best decision I could have made. She is extremely good at navigating this competitive housing market. There was this one house that I loved from the start, in Boyle Heights, and we could not get in to see it because the seller's agent was MIA. Lexi hunted him down, texting him twice a day until he got us access (I think just to get rid of us). We saw it, I loved it immediately, and Lexi helped me come up with a competitive offer. That offer was accepted, and away we went. But without Lexi, the whole thing would have fallen apart. The inspections revealed some major repairs that needed to be done, and I did not see any way that I could handle it financially. Lexi performed some crazy negotiation skills, and within two days we got the house price significantly reduced, the down-payment amount reduced, closing cost credits, and some other things as well. It was all within my budget, and freed up money for me to make the repairs. We closed a month after going into escrow, and only a month and a half after I started looking with Lexi. And look. I LOVE this house. Most importantly, I felt like Lexi listened to me, what I wanted in a house, and my financial concerns; she crafted a search in neighborhoods that she knew well, and areas that I wanted to live in (hey, she even gave me advice on the best places to eat, and the best streets to take). Even though I know she had a full roster of other clients, she always made time to respond to my million questions, come to a house visit, or follow up with me. Lexi's the best."
Lexi Newman, Inc

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